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Giving projects their best start and end
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Project Management is the technique for bringing a project to a successful conclusion. In other words the project must be:

 Completed on Time
 Completed to Budget
 Completed to a defined Quality

Fundamental to this process is knowing what needs to be done, how it should be done,  when it should be done and who should do it.

All of us do plan in our own way. However to do it formally provides us with many benefits It allows us to:

 Chart a navigable course.
Identify ALL the important aspects
Identify areas of management and control.
 Communicate this with all concerned.

These benefits in turn lead to us to:

 Correctly assess a situation to predict the future.
 Resolve conflicts.
 Make proper use of our resources.
Get the job done on time
Minimise costs.

We therefore end up with projects that: Meet deadlines.

 Make us more competitive.
 Make us profitable.
 Improves our image.
 Make us successful.

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